The blue path number 2: Corniglia - Vernazza

Corniglia - Cinque TerreThe path 592-3 (SVA2) runs along the numerous vineyards of Corniglia, crosses the paved road to San Bernardino, and continues along the rustic Canale bridge where the waters of the Rio Groppo flow beneath. Shortly after there is a crossroads: the path that climbs to the right leads to the Case Fornacchi, while the 592-3 (SVA2) continues to the left, on the flat, penetrating into the olive groves. The environment is shady and the ground is covered with grass, where you can find numerous plants such as anemones, orchids and the light green spear of the Gigaro, infesting leaves that capture insects for pollination giving off a nauseating smell. Continue the journey by crossing the Canaletto humpback bridge, climb surrounded by picturesque olive groves until you come out into the Mediterranean scrub. At this point the mule track meets the area affected by the Guvano landslide and the famous beach of the same name. From the top you can see the retaining walls built to protect the old railway line, the breakwater cliff and the water channeling works. There is also an equipped rest area. The path continues slightly uphill until it reaches the small town of Prevo.

vernazza_1A little before you meet, on the right, a variant that goes up to San Bernardino. The path skirts high above the cluster houses on the sea. Immediately afterwards there is the possibility of making an alternative route, the former. 2 / b, much more scenic than the main path. It is a stairway on the left that descends into the olive groves below the village and continues on a hanging path obtained from the wall supporting a terracing. If, instead, you keep the main path, the descent to Vernazza begins. At the end of a series of steps the path rejoins with the former variant. 2 / b. The journey continues through vineyards, Mediterranean maquis where the euphorbia arborea and the yellow lion's mouth stand out, a rather common plant in the Cinque Terre, but rare elsewhere, being its presence limited to the north-western areas of the Mediterranean. It overlooks the village of Vernazza and you come across path 507 (ex n. 7) which, on the right, goes up to San Bernardino and the Cigoletta. Continue to descend along a cylindrical medieval lookout tower. Two more turns and you arrive in the village. Journey time: 1 hour and 30 minutes Difficulty: Excursion Length: 3.45 km. The overall height difference of the trail is 120 meters.

ATTENTION: transit on path 2 is subject to the payment of a toll ticket. Alternatively we recommend the purchase of the "Cinque Terre Card"



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