Framura porticcioloFramura is a sparse municipality that includes five hilltop villages, located between the near cities Bonassola and Deiva Marina. The seaside resort is located inside a cove from the rocky and jagged, beautiful coast. The hamlets are: Anzo, Ravecca, Setta, Costa and Castagnola, villages that offer wonderful views and lush vegetation. The older villages were built in the hills to protect them from pirate attacks. Framura is a seaside resort, near the train station, where you can find mostly rocky beaches, a beautiful recently opened promenade, the Maremonti cycle path with bike rental service, the small harbor with bars, restaurants (an ideal place for a little snack or a cocktail), diving and rocks to sunbathe and bathe in a clean deep blue sea.


Tramonto a FramuraIn the territory appears a "pagus" in Roman times, but it was already frequented in the Longobard age as property of the abbey of San Colombano di Bobbio. During the Middle Ages, Framura and its mountains re-entered the possessions of the Da Passano family of Deiva Marina, the architect of some defensive fortifications erected during the 9th century. In 1170 the Fieschi, counts of Lavagna, took possession of the castle of Frascario, subtracting it from the lords of Passano, before moving back to Genoa and finally to the Malaspina. In the 12th century the expansion of the Republic of Genoa also included the fragmented territory and the homonymous Podesta office was formed, also subjecting the hamlets of Passano and Piazza, and therefore the only Podesta of Moneglia in the capital city of Levanto.


Framura what to see

In the hamlet of Anzo there is the Church of the Madonna della Neve, which preserves the painting of the Madonna and Child with Saints John the Baptist and Sebastian, dating back to the 17th century, a painting of Jesus Christ with the Veronica, dating back to the 18th century. In Costa you can admire the Church of San Martino, an ancient church dating back to 1128 as a monastic complex under the abbey of San Colombano di Bobbio, with an ancient baptismal font in red Levanto marble, perhaps dating back to the 10th or 11th century, an ancient hospitable and the ninth century watchtower, from the Carolingian period. The other watch towers of the sixteenth century are found in the villages of Anzo and Setta. In Castagnola there is the Church of San Lorenzo with a Deposition of Jesus by Luca Cambiaso, while in Setta (seat of the municipality), the Chapel of San Rocco, the most elaborate with neoclassical finishes and stuccoes from the late eighteenth century. It contains a painting of the Madonna and Child with Saints Rocco and Nicola, a work dating from the 12th to the 18th centuries.


Framura is part of the Most Beautiful Villages of Italy circuit. Its small port was built taking advantage of the space between the coast and the Ciamia rock, the largest in Liguria. You can practice trekking and mountain biking through the ancient paths, such as the path that connects Castagnola to the marina and all five villages. More comfortable and no less spectacular is the cycle and pedestrian path that connects Framura to Bonassola and Levanto which starts above the marina, near the train station. The sea here offers unexpected surprises for divers: in front of the coast is the wreck of the destroyer "Marcella", broken into two sections, and that of the tug "Vittoria", practically intact.


framura spiaggeFramura beaches: Fornaci, reachable by car from Deiva Marina or on foot from Framura; the equipped beach of Torsei, which is reached by the underpass of the railway station and a short flight of steps. Here also begins the brand new promenade leading to the Vallà and Arena beaches. These are small and sandy coves, free and not equipped. The rocks of the marina, reachable from the railway station and from the carriage road. A convenient lift takes you from the bike rental service to it and is equipped with a bar, toilets and shower. Porto Pidocchio is a free and not equipped beach, at the bottom of a narrow and small cove between tall and dark rocks. It can be reached from the Maremonti cycle path.

Useful information

Framura how to get there:

  • Car: from the A12 Genova-La Spezia exit Deiva Marina. Follow the signs for Framura / Levanto for about 10 km.
  • Train: Genoa - La Spezia line, Framura station, from where the shuttle connects with regional trains from 8 to 19. From Sestri Levante and La Spezia, connections are made with IC trains coming respectively from Turin / Milan - Genoa and Florence / Rome.

Parking: small parking lots near the train station.

Information office and tourist reception: at the railway station, Tel. 0187-810522 and in Setta, Tel. 0187-823004.

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