Moneglia liguriaWith Moneglia we are in the province of Genoa, but always close to the Cinque Terre which are easily accessible by train. Moneglia is a charming and peaceful seaside resort, situated within a large bay bordered by two headlands covered with Mediterranean scrub and pine forests, Punta Moneglia, wild and reachable only by path and Punta Rospo. It is this naturalistic setting and the extraordinarily blue water, which has made Moneglia a sought after tourist resort, while remaining far from mass tourism. Moneglia is part of the circuit of The Most Beautiful Villages of Italy and is divided into two parts, to the east and west, which include the churches of San Giorgio and Santa Croce and the fortresses of Villafranca and Monleone.

Moneglia what to see

Moneglia is frequented above all for the coast with wide sandy beaches (with establishments and free), rocky beaches and coves accessible by sea. There are many trails in the surrounding hills. The rocky coast is famous for some climbing walls. The seabed also offers multiple attractions for scuba divers. Among the religious buildings: the Church of Santa Croce of 1033 or 1130. The Baroque façade bears two rings of the chain of the port of Pisa that were taken away as a trophy, in 1284 during the battle of Meloria between Genoa and Pisa. Nearby is the birthplace of the famous painter Luca Cambiaso and the Disciplinati oratory. The Church of San Giorgio is located in the western part of the village and dates back to 1396, built by the Benedictine monks. Inside there is a painting of "St. George slaying the dragon" attributed to Pieter Paul Rubens.

Fortezza di Monleone MonegliaOn the sides of Moneglia, in an elevated and opposite position, we find the Fortress of Monleone and the Fortress of Villafranca. The first is an ancient defensive settlement of the Republic of Genoa, built in the 12th century, which was at the center of clashes between the local lords Malaspina, Da Passano and the Fieschi Genoese. Today inside is a small castle in liberty style (also called "Castello De Fornari", owned by Angeloni) built at the beginning of the twentieth century, and private houses. The Fortress of Villafranca is also an ancient sighting site, wanted by the Republic of Genoa in the 12th century. The tower, the fortress and a villa with architectural similarities stand out. Today the Fortress of Villafranca is equipped with conference rooms and, from its gardens, you can enjoy a beautiful panorama.


Useful information

How to get to Moneglia:

  • By car: from the A12 Genoa-Livorno, exit Sestri Levante, then SP523 to Riva Trigoso where the tunnels for Moneglia begin, regulated by traffic lights (Green at 15 minutes, 35 minutes and 55 minutes every hour). Exit Deiva Marina, then take the traffic lights for Moneglia (Green at 0, 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 minutes every hour).
  • Train: Genoa-La Spezia line, Moneglia station.

Parking: the parking lots are small. They are located in the square of the railway station, in the western part of the village and the waterfront.

Tourist Information Office: at Pro Loco L. Longhi 32, Tel. 0185490576,

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